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ReWired Project

The Garage

The Garage is a centre for arts located in Norwich which supports the creative journeys of participants, audiences and artists. The venue is an important creative hub for the communities of Norfolk and beyond, working with local and national partners to provide high quality programming, participation, education and training for all ages. It is a place for everyone but has a particular focus on young people from all backgrounds.

The Garage believes that music should be for all young people, who should be central to their own musical journeys. Their Youth Music programme builds on existing ways of working with young people and involves a deeper exploration of authentic ways of developing quality music provision ‘by, for and with’ young people. This includes empowering Youth Forums / Arts Crews at The Garage and regional, consultation, co-creation, piloting, and ethnographic approaches.

The Garage’s Youth Forum consists of around ten young people aged between 13-18 from a variety of backgrounds and interests, and has a strong music focus.

Working with their Youth Arts Worker and other project managers, they have started programming and running their own SLAM night and are now developing further opportunities such as open mic nights and peer-to-peer consultations.

This Youth Forum allows for any music benefits to be better-suited to young persons’ needs and aspirations.

More importantly, it also allows them to explore options, possibilities and skills in their own way and at their own pace. It also allows them to develop personally and socially. This project is at the heart of what The Garage does to engage young people musically, and it has given it a constant ‘engine room’ and a starting point around which to explore and build further and more comprehensive young person centred approaches.

The Garage

The Garage
14 ChapelField North