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ReWired Project

Sage Gateshead

Sage Gateshead is an international home for music and musical discovery, bringing about a widespread and long-term enrichment of the musical life of the North East of England.

Their inclusive approach enables all their performance, learning and participation programmes to be constantly inspired and supported by each other.

Sage Gatehead set up the Arches Weekend School, with an aim to engage with vulnerable young people through music. The age range was 13 – 18 years (recently extended to 24) and many were struggling in school or were NEET and/or had problems at home. They had very little confidence or self-esteem but were passionate about music. The tutors worked beside and with them, rather than adopting a ‘this is how you do it’ approach. Using Arts Award and performance/recording opportunities they were able to build up the confidence of participants.

Sage Gateshead