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ReWired Project

Get It Loud In Libraries

Over the last 9 years the Get It Loud In Libraries live programme has drawn an audience of over 28,000 people into libraries across the UK. Through live music, it has created exciting opportunities for young people to lead, participate, volunteer and excel in artistic and cultural activity.

They work in areas of low arts engagement to deliver quality experiences for young people, both as audience members, participants and stakeholders. Young people frequent libraries in relatively low numbers and the project aims to address that challenge in an age of financial austerity.

They place high quality gigs in smaller towns to develop new audiences for both libraries and bands, and allow youth development and skilling up in key areas of digital, multi-media and sound production.

The two short films linked below were created by young producers and illustrate how their work is developed and some of the opportunities available to them.

Get It Loud In Libraries