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ReWired Project

Bristol Plays Music

Bristol Plays Music (BPM) is the music education hub for Bristol. BPM believes in the power of music to inspire, teach and transform lives. They want to make sure that every young person has access to music education activities and a platform for musical expression.

Through work with partners and venues across Bristol, BPM joins up opportunities for teaching, learning and performance in a way that everyone can access. Their goal is to promote local music-making and the city’s rich musical talent.

RYE is Colston Hall’s Remix Youth Ensemble, a 3 year project funded by The Monument Trust that aims to raise the life aspirations of young people in Bristol aged 11 to 21 through music participation.

As a group they compose, arrange, rehearse and perform original pieces of music at events and special concerts throughout the year.

The young people that make up the group come from a variety of backgrounds and represent different styles of music including jazz, indie, dubstep, hip hop, MC’s and classical pianists.

Participants work with professional musicians to create original pieces of music. Each piece is then arranged by a professional and performed by the ensemble in venues like the Colston Hall foyer, The Lantern and at events and festivals across the UK such as Womad and Bristol’s very own Harbour Festival.

Bristol Plays Music